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A Point of View from the Pew

May 5, 2015

Bella Albano- Asis

After hearing another capital campaign talk, one could easily dismiss it with the idea that it’s another solicitation like all the rest that involves collecting money. Arguably though, don’t we always hear the saying that “nothing is free”? We pay a fee to go to the doctor to take care of our bodies that will someday crumble to dust. We pay a fee to go and exercise at the gym to keep us fit. We even pay for prospective caretakers when we get old. If we give away so much to take care of our physical well-being, how much more for things that take care and nurture our souls which will live forever?

This brings me to the thought that giving to the capital campaign is actually gifting to one’s self. The intended diversification of the allotted funds come back to each and every one of us. Take for instance the funding for Catholic Charities. The number of people benefiting from their services knows no bounds throughout the world. They were in the trenches when the strongest typhoon that ever hit land wrecked havoc in the Philippines. Their services benefited thousands of Filipinos including loved ones of families whom we know. Prior to that, they were in Indonesia and neighboring countries when the monstrous tsunami swept away thousands of people to oblivion. And now they are in Nepal helping the victims of the massive earthquake. The FACE program helps young people who can’t afford Catholic education by providing financial help who will eventually become assets to our society. The funding for seminarians helps somebody become a priest who will eventually minister us in our spiritual journey and may one day be the one who will bless us on our deathbed. Contributing to the retirement fund for priests is a token of our appreciation for having offered their lives to us during their productive years, yet the prospect of no one to take care of them when they grow old is real and somber.

In consideration to all of these, contributing to the capital campaign or any religious endeavor for that matter is the best investment for the monetary fruits of our labors. After all, we can’t hire a U-haul for our worldly possessions to follow our funeral procession when we die. Its dividends will not crash like the stock market. Instead, it will even get multiplied a hundredfold. For GOD CANNOT BE OUTDONE IN HIS GENEROSITY.    

Delving deeper into the spiritual aspect of giving to the campaign, we should not leave our Bishop alone in shepherding us. We must do our share. We don’t have the opportunity of washing Jesus’ feet anymore with perfumed oil, but we can show our love for Him by giving generously to take care of the poor, the young, the elderly and the imprisoned. We cannot now do what Veronica did- wiping the face of Jesus on His way to Calvary but we can show the same love by continuing His mission through our support for catechists, priests and seminarians who bring the knowledge of God to those who do not know Him. In short, we can all be Simon of Cyrene helping Him carry His cross by giving big and small to the campaign. After all, Jesus has said:  “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me.”