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Block 2 Kick-Off Bishop's Remarks

March 6, 2015

“I was happy to meet with nearly 200 parishioners, parish staff, pastors, and parochial administrators on January 22nd at the Cathedral Event Center to formally kick-off Block 2 of “Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together,” the capital campaign for the Diocese of Oakland,” stated Bishop Barber.  I was pleased by the turn out of so many pastors, parish staff and parishioners who will assist me in carrying out the work of the campaign.  I was impressed by their reception of my remarks, the questions they posed, and the enthusiasm they displayed.  I think that it was important for me to tell them that the campaign is not about money, but it is about faith, and Building up the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Prior to the main meeting, I met with pastors and parochial administrators of Block 2 parishes.  I asked them to take ownership of the campaign in their parish, and to assist me and the campaign staff by encouraging and motivating their parishioners to give of their time, talent and treasure to assist us with this campaign.  I explained that one of the most important aspects for the success of this campaign is the role that our pastoral leaders play in promoting the effort and educating our people about the diocesan needs and challenges.  As priests, we each have a responsibility to the faithful in helping them live our mission to “know Christ, and make Him better known.”  With a successful campaign, we have a chance to reaffirm the incredible work already done, and reclaim our part in our diocesan mission as we more effectively serve the people of God,” stated Bishop Barber.

Father Larry Young, Pastor of St. Patrick, Rodeo, also spoke at the Block 2 Kick-Off.  He shared his experience as a Block 1 pastor.  St. Patrick exceeded its parish goal of $652,883, by raising $710,790.  Over 300 parishioners made pledges or gifts to the campaign.  Father Larry spoke about the initial concerns expressed by his parish leadership, but how those concerns gave way to hard work and commitment by the parish leadership team and through their combined efforts, the parishioners responded enthusiastically to “Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together.”  “The capital campaign is really more about faith than just raising money,” stated Father Larry.  “It is really about stewardship and sharing the many gifts of time, talent and treasure which God has given to all of us, and all that he asks of us in return is to share those gifts with our brothers and sisters to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth.  My parishioners are true examples of Stewardship and are committed to the work of our Church.”