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Our Mission

Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together

Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together as a diocesan faith family, we celebrate the recent appointment of our fifth Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Barber, SJ. After much thought, prayer and consultation with his priests and other advisors, Bishop Barber has made the decision to lead the faithful in an ambitious endeavor to provide the means to strengthen and stabilize the diocese’s long-term financial footing, increase funding for parish projects and needs, and demonstrate sound stewardship over the gifts the diocese has already received.

The faithful of the diocese are being invited to join Bishop Barber in the Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together campaign. The funds raised in this first-ever diocesan-wide campaign will generate the financial means needed to further our mission throughout the East Bay and secure a solid financial foundation for our future. Through this effort, we can renew, strengthen, sustain and expand ministries to those who are most in need, building a foundation for a continued vibrancy in the local Church for generations to come.

We know this is an ambitious undertaking; however, we believe it is attainable through the support of all members of our diocesan family. As stated by Bishop Barber: “If we are filled with the Holy Spirit as we minister, as we bring our message, our people will respond."

Who Are We?

400,000+ Registered Catholics in the Diocese

163Retired and Active Diocesan priests

54Catholic Schools

25,000+Young people in faith formation