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Catholic Charities of the East Bay

To move forward as a diocese, we must support those individuals who are most in need.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB) serves as the social service arm of the diocese. Catholic Charities cares for the poor and disadvantaged with programs and services which promote education and workforce development; provide a path to citizenship through immigration and naturalization programs; work to prevent violence and provide mental health services to the victims of violent crime, and support the poor with housing, child care, job training and nutrition.

While many of the most vulnerable in our community are being helped, thousands more are still in need of assistance. It is estimated one in ten residents of the East Bay, including children and adults, live below the poverty level. With $4 million in new funds received through Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together campaign, Catholic Charities will increase its services to help alleviate the persistent poverty experienced by so many in the East Bay. Catholic Charities’ goal will be to expand local programming in more communities by creating additional service centers throughout the diocese, offering more programs and services to the poor and disadvantaged.