Parish Share

To move forward as a diocese, we must support our parishes.

Every parish within the diocese has its own unique challenges and goals. Some may require new construction, building renovations or deferred maintenance. Others may need to reduce debt, while some are striving to establish endowments that will generate income for parish and school ministries and services. Still others need personnel or materials to more effectively bring the teachings of Christ and the mission of the Church to their parishioners.

A financial return to each parish has been incorporated into Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together campaign. Every parish will have a financial goal equal to 110 percent of the offertory average for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Through the parish share component of the campaign, 25 percent of all funds generated up to the parish goal will be returned to the parish to be used for identified individual needs. Additionally, once a parish surpasses its goal, 50 percent of the funds raised over the goal will be returned. Through the parish share component, we hope to realize at least $12.7 million in funding for parish needs.