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Catholic Schools Tuition Endowment

To move forward as a diocese, we must support our schools and our children.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Oakland educate children in the Catholic faith and nurture their minds, bodies and souls, inspiring them to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, achieve their highest academic and creative potential, and actively serve and enrich the community. Building on a long tradition of academic excellence of over 100 years, our Catholic schools are committed to providing a consistently excellent and equitable 21st century education. Inspired leadership, dedicated teachers, supportive learning environments and respect for the God-given dignity of each person are the foundation for student achievement.

It is estimated that $4.9 million remains in unmet annual need for elementary school students alone. Last year, 3,800 of the more than 4,200 applicants to Family Aid for Catholic Education demonstrated need. However, the grants awarded left over 3,000 of these qualified applicants still in need and seeking support either through their local schools (many of which have limited resources for tuition assistance) or other non-profit organizations.

To ensure Catholic education remains available to all families who seek it and better meet the level of identified need, it is critical for our diocese to establish a long-term financial solution that provides increased income generation for tuition assistance. The diocese is committed to providing $10 million in funds to establish a new tuition assistance endowment through Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together campaign.