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The Priests’ Retirement Benefits Trust

To move forward as a diocese, we must support our retired priests.

Catholicism is thriving in the East Bay thanks in large part to the dedication and ministry of our loyal priests. They shepherd our parishes, baptize our children, anoint our sick and dying, and administer the sacraments to our families. As they enter retirement, it is our responsibility to provide them with modest and reasonable financial means.

The Diocese of Oakland currently has 45 retired priests, the oldest of whom is 95. With 55 active priests age 60 or older, we anticipate our community of retired priests to grow to at least 75 to 100 over the next decade. With the number of retiring priests growing each year and the cost of retirement benefits for clergy increasing significantly, the Priests’ Retirement Benefits Trust cannot currently meet the need.

Reclaiming Christ’s Mission Together campaign will provide an infusion of $2 million to the Priests’ Retirement Benefits Trust, which serves the retired priests of the diocese. This much-needed support will help meet the diocese’s anticipated rising expenses.